Maximize Profits & Minimize Taxes

Tax Management

Dealing with taxation can be one of the most complicated parts of being an entrepreneur. 

Auditing & Accounting

The accounting professional that your robust portfolio deserves does not simply provide a financial statement at year-end.

Management Consulting

When it comes to seeking out consulting services, most entrepreneurs are driven by two needs: to improve short-term profitability and to build toward long-term growth.

Assurance Services

Assurance services that provide highest level of financial reporting & early identification of operational concerns for business investors, management teams, & stakeholders alike

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EIECA Consulting offers on-demand and customizable services for Bookkeeper, Controller, and CFO across Toronto.
Regardless of the package you choose, our accountants make accounting simple and stress-free for busy entrepreneurs.


Offering tax services, audit and accounting, and management consulting to entrepreneurs

At EIECA Consulting, we take a long-term perspective when helping our clients grow their businesses and minimize their taxes. Our focus is on entrepreneur enterprises and their stakeholders. The goals of every company are unique, and we devote the necessary time to understand what makes your business tick.

We offer three core areas of service.
They are:

▶Tax services, including corporate tax, international tax, and personal tax.
▶Auditing and accounting services, including corporate reporting, governance, compliance, and risk.
▶Management consulting services, including business planning and strategy, business management, and operational improvement.

Our highly trained professionals work hard to understand your company’s short-term issues and long-term objectives, not just at year-end but whenever you need us.

Tax Accounting Services

Providing your business with solid tax advice and reliable corporate, international and personal tax services.
Dealing with taxation can be one of the most complicated parts of being an entrepreneur or leader. At EIECA Consulting, we understand that tax issues do not exist in a vacuum outside your other business concerns. Taxes can have a huge impact on both your daily operations and long-term growth strategies. When we provide you with tax services, we do so through the broader context of business advisory—to show how taxes fit into the bigger picture for your company or organization.
Tax Accounting Services at EIECA Consulting
Corporate Tax Services, including compensation planning, corporate tax consulting and income tax filing, and regulatory and compliance filing.
International Tax Services, including cross-border taxes, foreign ownership, and Canadian subsidiaries.
Personal Tax Services, including family, financial and estate planning, and personal tax preparation and filing.
 Our team believes in providing impartial and long-term tax advice to your company, not quick-fix solutions. We have the skills and experience to reduce your tax burden and help your business grow.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

▶Tax Services
▶Compensation planning
▶Regulatory & compliance filing
▶Tax returns
▶HST & sales tax
▶Representation before tax authorities
▶Charities & Not-For-Profit & tax services
▶Commodity taxes
▶Cross border business
▶Transfer pricing
▶Tax returns
▶Family, tax & estate planning
▶Personal wealth planning
▶Tax returns

Assurance Accounting Services

The team of accounting professionals at EIECA Consulting provide industry-leading assurance services, such as assurance accounting, audit and advisory services. We work with companies across Canada, who come from varying sectors and industries, including not-for-profits, construction, digital and marketing, distributors, logistics and supply chain management , manufacturers, wholesalers, independent contractors, retail, real estate and more. Our specialized assurance accounting services are designed to provide the highest level of financial reporting necessary for business investors, management teams and stakeholders alike. Our experienced business assurance and auditing assurance processes ensures early identification of business and operational concerns, allowing for early communications and resolution.

Auditing and Assurance Services:
Our extensive offering of assurance services includes the following:
▶Audit Review
▶Business Transition Services
▶Contact Cost Audits
▶Contribution Agreement Audits
▶Financial Forecasting and Advisory
▶Financial Reporting
▶Financial Statement Audit
▶Internal Audits
▶Lease Audits
▶Public Company Services
▶Reviews, Compliations and Other Assurance Engagements
▶Risk Assessment
▶Third-Party Assurance
▶Transaction Accounting Advisory Services
▶Comprehensive Assurance Solutions and Advisory

For more information about EIECA Consulting assurance services, and advisory, please get in touch with our team today. We take great pride in providing the utmost in client dedication and insight and look forward to providing support to your business or organization.

Management Consulting Services

An accounting firm that can help you with planning and strategy, business management, and operational improvement
When it comes to seeking out consulting services, most entrepreneurs are driven by two needs: to improve short-term profitability and to build toward long-term growth. But finding a consultant you can trust to help you achieve these goals isn’t easy. Business know-how and a proven track record are key, but so too is the personal touch.
At EIECA Consulting, our business management professionals work hard to tailor close relationships with clients to help them maximize profitability and minimize taxes. Whether you’re struggling through a cash-flow issue, looking to expand into new markets, or improve your productivity, our accountants have the know-how to make sound, dependable recommendations.
Our management consulting services focus on three core areas:
Business planning and strategy, including business decision making, succession and exit planning, expansion assistance, acquisitions and mergers, and transaction planning.
Business management, including entrepreneur guidance and profit analysis through CCH Profit Driver.
Operational improvement, including budget and cash flow analysis, corporate turnarounds, and measuring your results.
Growing your company is all about finding out what story your business wants to tell, and then developing the strategies to make it happen.

Contact us today to learn how our accounting firm can help you.

▶Business Planning & Strategy
▶Mergers & acquisition planning
▶Succession planning
▶Financial forecasts
▶Business Management
▶Management coaching
▶Litigation support
▶Career transition & personal financial coaching
▶Corporate turnarounds management & consulting
▶Operational Improvement
▶Computer consultation & services
▶Banking relationships
▶Budget & cashflow analysis
▶Management information systems
▶Business plans
▶Business valuations
▶Crisis administration
▶Government grants & programs

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About us

Since 2018, accounting firm EIECA Consulting has offered professional bookkeeping and accounting services focusing on small business across Toronto.
In 2020, EIECA Consulting made a bold move to a cloud-based firm embracing the best of today’s technology to deliver effective financial solutions to clients.
Our expertise helps business build a strong financial foundation and a host of client benefits:

➤Cloud-software for real-time data & added flexibility.
➤Audit-proofed financials.
➤Freeing your time to concentrate on what you know best - growing your business.
➤A platform for growth and scale.

Know more about the accounting and bookkeeping services that we offer across Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Our team

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Assurance Manager
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Sarah Palmer
Tax Manager
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Jessica Varmuza



161 Bay Street, 21th Floor Toronto, ON M5J 2S1

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